An integral part of Selonda's
business philosophy to provide sponsorships and contribute to local communities

Social Responsibility

An integral element of Selonda’s business philosophy is to provide sponsorships and support for social activities taking place in the areas where we operate. Every year Selonda “returns” a portion of the profits derived from its commercial activities to local communities in the form of sponsorships, such as:
  • Donations of our fresh Sea Bream and Sea Bass to a large number of local community and cultural events.

  • Sponsoring field trips of numerous schools in the regions of Argolida and Korinthia.

  • Contributions to football (soccer) teams, such as the teams of Sofiko, Korinthia and of "Koronis".

  • Donations of gasoline to local cities.

  • Donations of heating oil to local kindergartens, elementary schools and high schools. 

In addition, Selonda contributes to the economic development of the local communities in which we operate:

  • In the regions of Southern Greece where Selonda has been operating for over three decades, our company has made investments with a value of over 23 million euros.

  • Selonda provides employment to approximately 900 people in Greece, mainly in rural areas, giving first priority to residents of the local communities where our production facilities are located.

  • Selonda is strongly committed to offering its employees a healthy and safe working environment. Our company is OHSAS 18001 certified for its occupational health and safety management system.