For over 12 years Selonda has been ISO 9001 certified
...for its Quality Management System


Since 2000, Selonda has been ISO 9001 certified for its Quality Management System. This certification involves all procedures of production and services, in all of the responsible departments, from the hatchery to the final delivery of our farmed Mediterranean fish to the customer. In the first major stage of the production process, broodstock are carefully selected under rigorous criteria regarding their physical and genetic characteristics. On-growing in open-sea cages is carried out using constant and reliable methods, which also involve great care as is befitting of a company that has been cultivating living animals for over 30 years. In the final stage, the harvested fish is packed following strict hygienic rules at EU-certified packing stations.

In accordance with national and EU legislation, Selonda has developed an integrated traceability system, which can track the history of every fish from “the sea to the fork” and provide all of the information required by customers and consumers (fish farm location, feed used, harvest and packaging date, etc.).

The health and welfare of our fish stocks at Selonda are continuously monitored by a team of veterinarians and lab technicians. Selonda operates four fully-equipped fish pathology and fish feed analysis laboratories. In cooperation with trained technicians at the production sites the response to any deviation in the fish stock's health or welfare is immediate through supervision, diagnosis as well as preventive innoculations, which are always in accordance with the current legislation.

Selonda strives for total product quality that will satisfy even the most demanding customer.