Milestones in SELONDA's
successful trajectory
...of over 35 years



  • 1981: Establishment of Selonda Aquaculture Ltd.

  • 1982: Selonda Aquaculture Ltd. is the first Greek company to submit an investment plan for financial aid to the European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund (EAGGF/FEOGA)

  • 1988: Design and construction of the company’s first hatchery at Selonda bay

  • 1990: Establishment of Selonda Aquaculture SA through the merger of Selonda Aquaculture Ltd. and Selonda Fisheries Ltd.


  • 1992: Establishment of Astarte SA in order to commercially distribute fresh fish in the domestic market

  • 1994: Listing of Selonda SA on the Parallel Market of the Athens Stock Exchange. First aquaculture company worldwide to have its shares listed on a Stock Market

  • 1994: Acquisition of RIOPESCA - Aquaculture of Western Greece SA

  • 1994: Establishment of Eurofish Hellas SA whose objectives were sales and distribution of fresh fish in the European markets

  • 1996: Listing of RIOPESCA - Aquaculture of Western Greece SA on the Parallel Market of the Athens Stock Exchange

  • 1996: Absorption of Astarte SA by Eurofish Hellas SA and establishment of Eurofish Hellas - Astarte SA

  • 1996: Establishment of Selonda International Ltd. whose objective is the provision of aquaculture services (transfer of know-how & project management) worldwide

  • 1996: Five-year management contract between Selonda International Ltd. and the Kuwaiti Bubiyan Fisheries of the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA)

  • 1996: Acquisition of Triton SA in Sagiada, Thesprotia (Northwestern Greece)

  • 1997: Management contract between Selonda International Ltd. and Seabass Farm Pty (SBF), 100% owned by Singapore’s Technology Development Fund

  • 1999: Merger by absorption of the subsidiary RIOPESCA - Aquaculture of Western Greece SA

  • 1999: Selonda awarded for its exports achievements by the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry


  • 2001: Acquisition of 34% in the British company International Aqua Tech Ltd.

  • 2002: Merger through absorption of subsidiary Triton SA

  • 2003: SELONDA’s Managing Director Mr. John Stephanis elected as President of the Federation of European Aquaculture Producers (FEAP)

  • 2003: Establishment of BLUEFIN TUNA S.A. for ranching and trading of bluefin tuna

  • 2005: Headquarters relocated to new premises in the central "Plaka" neighborhood of Athens

  • 2005: Acquisition of 75% of Koronis Aquaculture SA

  • 2005: Acquisition of a 49,83% stake in the A.S.E. - listed Interfish Aquaculture SA

  • 2006: The Saudi-Arabian JAZAN DEVELOPMENT COMPANY becomes a strategic partner of SELONDA SA

  • 2006: Carrefour Greece selects SELONDA as its exclusive supplier of the “Filiere Qualite Carrefour” quality-label Sea Bream and Sea Bass

  • 2006: 25 years anniversary celebration in the Athens Music Hall

  • 2007: SELONDA launches branded Sea Bream and Sea Bass in the Greek market, supported by an advertising campaign with radio commercials, newspaper advertisements and advertising in the Athens metro and on Athens buses

  • 2007: Acquisition of 46% of Aegean A.S.

  • 2007: Acquisition of 41% of PERSEUS SA

  • 2007: SELONDA subsidiary INTERFISH Aquaculture SA absorbs the previously acquired companies Lesvos Aquaculture SA, Koronis Aquaculture SA and Stefanou Aquculture SA.

  • 2008: Acquisition of 100% of Echinades Aquaculture SA

  • 2008: Acquisition of 65% of Koumaros SA

  • 2009: Panathinaikos F.C. selects SELONDA as the supplier of fresh Sea Bream and Sea Bass for the players’ weekly menu

  • 2010: SELONDA launches a delivery service of fresh Sea Bream and Sea Bass fillets to consumers in the greater Athens area


  • 2011: Double recognition for SELONDA from the ICAP Group, as a "True Leader" and one of the "Strongest Companies in Greece"

  • 2012: SELONDA SA merges with and absorbs the subsidiary companies INTERFISH SA, Fardonisia SA, Echinades Aquaculture SA and Fish Fillet SA

  • 2013: 3rd place award in the category "Best Listed Company" of the Greek Exports Awards 2013.

  • 2013: Selonda was awarded in the category "Export Excellence" of the Made in Greece 2013 awards.

  • 2014: Fresh Selonda Sea Bream was launched at the stores of Lidl Hellas.

  • 2015: Greece's Trade Commission approves the proposed plan for Selonda SA to buy out Dias Aquaculture SA.

  • 2016: The merger of Dias SA was completed, through the acquisition of all the company's assets and part of its liabilities by Selonda SA.

  • 2016: Fresh Selonda Sea Bream was launched in an innovative MAP tray under the SELONDA brand in the stores of the supermarket chain My Market.

  • 2017: Selonda fresh Greek Sea Bream ("Dorade" / "Orata") received a Superior Taste Award from the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) with 3 golden stars, the first Greek Sea Bream to receive the highest-level award, which corresponds to an exceptional taste.