Sharpsnout Sea Bream / Puntazzo
...white, tasty flesh

Sharpsnout Sea Bream

"Sarago pizzuto" / "Puntazzo" (IT), "Sar a museau pointu" (FR), "Sarago picudo" (ES), "Spitzbrasse" (DE), "Sharpsnout Sea Bream" (UK, USA, CAN)

Sharpsnout Sea Bream - Sarago pizzuto

Its scientific name is Diplodus puntazzo (Cetti, 1777) and it belongs to the Sparidae family. It resembles the white seabream or "Sargo"/"Sarago" with which they are “cousins.” It can reach a length of 60 centimeters and a weight of 1.5 to 2 kilos.

It is a benthopelagic species - that is, a fish that lives near the seabed in open waters, on stony floors and in depths from 0 to 150 m. It is met more rarely in lagoons and vivaria. It is a fairly gregarious species since it forms fairly large shoals; however, it is often met alone or in smaller groups. It feeds on seaweed, worms, smaller molluscs, and shrimp.

Its flesh is white and very tasty.

Selonda Fresh Greek Sharpsnout Sea Bream
Nutritional Value per 100g
Nutritional value (kj):  545  Carbohydrates (g): 0
Nutritional value (kcal): 128  Sugar content (g): 0
Fat content (g):      10,1   Proteins (g): 18
     Salt (%): 0,34

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