Highlights of the sustainability program at Selonda

Sustainability Highlights

In our sustainability program we seek to improve all perspectives: environmental, social and economic, and to inform our stakeholders in the local communities where we operate that Selonda contributes to the sustainable development of the Mediterranean fish farming industry in Greece and abroad. Here are some examples of how we practice sustainability:

Increased use of alternative raw materials in the fish feed
  • Selonda has gradually substituted in its fish feeds the fish oil from wild-caught fish with fish oil from farmed salmon, which significantly reduces the fish-in, fish-out ratio while maintaining the levels of omega-3.

  • Selonda participates in the Aquamax project, whose goal is to evaluate the use of fish feed with a lower ratio of marine raw materials, while preserving the high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. 

Recycling programs at our production facilities and packing/processing plants
Selonda works with various specialized companies in order to maximize recycling at all of our production facilities and packing/processing plants. Such activities include:
  • Recycling of unused polystyrene boxes and wooden materials such as pallets from our packing/processing plants in collaboration with all suppliers.

  • Recycling of polystyrene boxes used by our customers in Greece and abroad in collaboration with the Hellenic Recycling Company.

  • Recycling of oils used in our vessels and vehicles in cooperation with the company Hellenic Environmental Technology.

  • Recycling of plastic materials in collaboration with various local companies in the regions around our production facilities.

Contribution to the economic, social and cultural development of local communities
  • With our investments Selonda contributes to the economic development of the local communities where we operate our production facilities. For example, in the regions of Southern Greece, where Selonda has been operating for over three decades, our company has made investments with a value of over 23 million euros.

  • Selonda offers full-time employment to approximately 1150 people in Greece, mainly in rural areas. Our company always gives first priority to employing residents of the local communities where our production installations are located.

  • Our company also contributes to the social and cultural development of local communities through sponsorships and donations.