Produced at our state-of-the-art, 2000 square meter processing plant

Gutted, Fillets, Butterfly Cuts

Selonda’s processed Sea Bream and Sea Bass is produced and packaged at a 2000 square meter, state-of-the-art plant named “Fish Fillet”, located near Nea Epidavros, at a small distance from a large number of our farms accounting for more than 50% of the total annual production volume. Selonda is the only Sea Bream and Sea Bass producer in Greece with a packaging and processing plant located in close proximity to a majority of its fish farms. As a result of the processing plant’s location, our Sea Bream and Sea Bass can be transferred directly from harvesting to processing without long transport and waiting periods. Selonda’s Fish Fillet processing plant has the following certifications:

• GLOBALG.A.P. v. 5.0 (Standard for safe and sustainable aquaculture)
• BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety, Issue 7)
• IFS (IFS Food, Version 6)
• ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System)
• ISO 9001 (Quality Management System)
• ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)
• OHSAS 18001 (Workplace Health and Safety Management System)

Selonda Fish Fillet Processing Plant Nea Epidavros


Gutted Sea Bream ("Dorade Royale" / "Orata") and Sea Bass ("Branzino" / "Loup de Mer")

Selonda can supply a full range of gutted fresh Sea Bream and Sea Bass.





Gilled and gutted

De-scaled and gutted

De-scaled, gilled and gutted


Gutted from whole, round fish sizes:







Sea Bream

Sea Bass

In addition, according to customer specifications, Selonda can produce gutted Sea Bream and Sea Bass to an end weight within a specific range.


Fresh Gutted Sea Bream ("Dorade Royale" / "Orata")


Selonda Gilled Gutted Scaled Sea Bream




Fresh Gutted Sea Bass ("Branzino" / "Loup de Mer")


Selonda Gilled Gutted Scaled Sea Bass Branzino


Sea Bream ("Dorade Royale" / "Orata") and Sea Bass ("Branzino" / "Loup de Mer") Fillets




Well trimmed

Pin-bones out


Fresh Sea Bream ("Dorade Royale" / "Orata") Fillets


Selonda Sea Bream Dorade FilletsSelonda Fresh Greek Sea Bream Fillets F-cut Pin-bones Out




Fresh Sea Bass ("Branzino" / "Loup de Mer") Fillets


 Selonda Sea Bass Branzino FilletsSelonda Fresh Greek Sea Bass Fillets F-cut Pin-bones Out


Butterfly Cuts
Selonda is the only producer in Greece that can offer customers hand-processed "Butterfly" cuts.

head-off, boneless split on both sides
Branzino Pockebook

Butterfin Cut
head-off, boneless, connected on the dorsal side
Branzino Butterfin Cut

Sicilian Cut
head-on, boneless, split on both sides
Branzino Sicilian Cut

French Cut
head-on, boneless, connected on the dorsal side
Branzino French Cut