Pagrus / Pagre / Pagro
...considered to be one of the tastiest Mediterranean fish

Pagrus / Pagre

"Pagre" (FR), "Pagro" (IT), "Pargo" (ES), "Red Porgy" (USA, CAN), "Dorade Rose" (D)

  Selonda Red Porgy

Pagrus is a so-called “red” fish that belongs to the Sparidae family. It can reach a length of 90 centimeters and a weight of 8-9 kilos. It is a benthopelagic species, in other words, it lives near the seabed in open waters and on different types of beds (stony, sandy or posidonia beds) in depths that range from 30 to 250 meters, most usually below 150 meters in depth.

It is met all over the Mediterranean basin, in the North and Southeastern shores of the Atlantic, even in the West Atlantic (from the Gulf of Mexico to Argentina). It is an omnivorous species that feeds mainly on benthic cancroids, fish, and molluscs.

Pagrus is consumed fresh and is considered to be one of the most delicious Mediterranean fish.

  • Selonda fresh Greek Pagrus received a 2018 Superior Taste Award from the International Taste & Quality Institute with 2 golden stars, which corresponds to a remarkable taste.

Superior Taste Award 2017
Selonda Fresh Greek Pagrus
Nutritional Value per 100g
Nutritional value (kj):  462  Carbohydrates (g): < 1
Nutritional value (kcal): 110  Sugar content (g): 0
Fat content (g):      3,0   Proteins (g): 20,4
Saturated fatty acids (g): 0,86  Salt (%): 0,13


Available sizes
200-300g 300-400g 400-600g 600-800g 800-1000g
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