Selonda guarantees to provide sustainable, high-quality and safe farmed fresh Mediterranean fish
...through our Integrated Management System (IMS)


Sustainability is defined as a form of development that is able to meet the needs of the present generation without jeopardizing the needs of future generations. At Selonda we continuously strive to achieve sustainable development through implementation of our Integrated Management System (IMS), which encompasses the six areas below.


Current Selonda certifications for customers and consumers to download

Sustainability Highlights

Highlights of our activities focused on achieving sustainable development


SELONDA is ISO 9001 certified for its Quality Management System

Food Safety

SELONDA operates a HACCP Food Safety Management System

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is deeply ingrained in our corporate culture

Social Responsibility

An integral part of our philosophy is to provide sponsorships and contribute to local communities

Cultural Environment

Selonda has repeatedly demonstrated its interest in promoting cultural activities