In 2007 Selonda was the first Mediterranean producer launch branded fresh fish


Every day fresh Greek Sea Bream and Sea Bass from SELONDA

Today’s consumers have an increasingly imperative need for a healthy diet with a guaranteed high level of food safety. Having recognized this need, especially in a food category such as fish, where the selection of a truly fresh fish is not obvious to all, SELONDA launched branded fresh fish in 2007. Fresh, premium-quality Sea Bream and Sea Bass with the SELONDA “tag” is sold in selected fish shops and supermarkets so that Greek consumers can safely choose fresh fish with a guaranteed freshness and high quality for themselves and their family.

Selonda Fresh Greek Sea Bream - Dorade - Sea Bass - Branzino

Selonda Sea Bream Dorade Orata cleaned, ready-to-cook in a MAP tray

Advertising campaign
In order to inform consumers about SELONDA’s branded fresh fish, our company began an advertising campaign in March 2007 including radio commercials, full-page advertisements in the press and newspaper inserts. This advertising campaign was the world's first by a producer in the product category of fresh fish, and it reflects the innovativeness that SELONDA has been displaying for decades in the Greek and global markets.

Radio commercials (Greek): "Selonda Sea Bream" (mp3 - 1,5 MB), "Images of the sea" (mp3 - 1,3 MB) and "Tasty fresh fish is always available" (mp3 - 1,3 MB)


Outdoor advertising at Athens bus stops:

SELONDA Ad - Evangelismos  Bus Stop Athens

Newspaper full-page advertisements:



SELONDA Sea Bream newspaper insert:


Áthens Metro:




Athens City Buses:





Athens Fish Market: