...cleaned and ready-to-cook

Selonda MAP Tray

Advantages of the SELONDA MAP Tray:

  • Branding - SELONDA or private label with attractive packaging artwork.

  • Cleaned and ready-to-cook.

  • Optimum preservation of the fish's freshness, nutritional value and tastiness.

  • Allows all retailers to sell fresh fish, without having to operate a fresh fish counter.

  • Consumers only pay for the net weight of the product, without being charged for the by-product.

  • No waiting times for consumers at the point-of-sale for the fish to be cleaned.

  • Prevents leakage when transported or stored.

  • Fits easily in refrigerator shelves.

  • Selonda Fresh Greek Sea Bream received a Superior Taste Award 2017 from the International Taste & Quality Institute with 3 golden stars, the highest possible score, which corresponds to an exceptional taste.