New Composition of the 
Selonda Board of Directors
Announcement 01.10.2014

News and Announcements

In accordance with the regulations of decree 3/347/12.7.2005 of the Hellenic Stock Exchange's Market Commission, law 3016/2002, and the Regulations of the Athens Stock Exchange, we inform that in the Extraordinary Selonda General Shareholders Meeting that took place on 11.09.2014 a new seven-member Board of Directors was elected. In accordance with law 3016/2002, as it applies, the shareholders appointed Mr. Panagiotis Allayiannis, Mr. Michael Kokkinos, Mrs. Adamantini Lazari and Mr. Athanasios Skordas as independent members.

Based on the above, the Board of Directors was formed and at its inaugural meeting on 01.10.2014, composed of the following members:

  1. Georgios Antypas, Chairman of the Board of Directors - Non-executive Member
  2. John Stephanis, Vice President of the Board of Directors - Non-executive Member
  3. John Andrianopoulos, Chief Executive Officer - Executive Member
  4. Panayiotis Alayiannis, Independent, Non-executive Member
  5. Michael Kokkinos, Independent, Non-executive Member
  6. Adamantini Lazari, Independent, Non-executive Member
  7. Athanasios Skordas, Independent, Non-executive Member

The term of the new Board of Directors is for five years, in other words it ends during the first semester of 2019.